I am an actor.

My mission through acting is to reflect deep truth and to create different and real people that are true to society and to the world. The jagged rocks and crashing waves of Newfoundland, tranquility of rural Nova Scotia, and an immersion in classical music since age 2 are what shaped my childhood, which I carry with me. To every person with whom I work, I offer my enthusiasm, energy, training, commitment, passion for acting and for life, and hard work.
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I am inspired by text, and by the explorational process. Thinking outside the box and trying different hats before one fits is what I love. Below are clips from two recent projects: Ecology of Being (short film, winner of Best Experimental Short at IndieX Film Festival), and Right Behind You (a play that I co-created at SUNY Purchase with Margot Bordelon).

Right Behind You

1 minute

Ecology of Being

21 minutes